Biker America Blu-Ray Discs: No Longer Available

Biker America: to VOD

Biker America

God and Country

Biker America: God and Country is an ambitious and wide-ranging miniseries video documentary, on modern motorcycling in America. It is not longer available for purchase as a 2-disc Blu-Ray set.

Biker America is divided into 10 Chapters. It is currently being reconfigured into a format more appropriate for a Video On Demand (VOD) platform, which can be purchased for viewing by streaming to your computer or phone.

This VOD release may not happen until 2021, but will be announced here when it does take place.


The Ride to Iron Mountain Collection

The Ride to Iron Mountain Collection, a Video Synopsis based upon a dramatic motorcycle TV pilot screenplay, is now in post-production. The Collection will be released on You Tube later in 2020, as a Demo for future development as a video series, or a TV motorcycle show season. Screenplays (7 in development) and soundtracks, are by Brian Anderson.

Ride to Iron Mountain: Dramatic VOD Series

Ride to Iron Mountain (RTIM) is a multi-episodic project, now in pre-production and targeted to be produced as a Video on Demand (VOD) series. It will have further development in late 2020, which will be posted here after the Ride to Iron Mountain Collection has been completed, and posted to YouTube.

The RTIM Collection as a promotional demo, will help get support for the eventual multi-episode RTIM series. Production is targeted to take place in Nevada, possibly as early as 2021. Updates will be posted on this site.

A promotional concept video for Ride to Iron Mountain can be seen here:

The 10 Chapters of Biker America: God and Country

Chapter I: Prologue

Chapter II: 100 Years of Motorcycles and Road Riding

Chapter III: Motorcycle Touring and Events

Chapter IV: The Two Wheeled Classroom

Chapter V: Biker Games and Recreation

Chapter VI: Biker Community and Concerns

Chapter VII: Bikers and Law Enforcement

Chapter VIII: Faith Based Bikers

Chapter IX: Our Armed Forces and the Vietnam War

Chapter X: Acknowledgments

Click on this Link, to Watch the Biker America Movie Video Trailer:

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